Before you go back to the office…

Leadership, Personal Growth

Aren’t we all incredibly grateful the eye of the Coronavirus seems to be passing by! Before you go back to the office after the COVID-19 “safer at home” restrictions, consider how you would like to return:

  • Are there things you have committed to do better as a leader?
  • Are there things you have experienced during this season away that you know you need to improve?
  • What are the things you will STOP doing?
  • What are the things you will keep doing?
  • What new things will you practice?

Something needs to change

Through this shelter at home season, work has likely been more complex and hurried, not less. As you reflect on going back to the office to work, are there things you’ve considered changing and priorities you would like to address? Perhaps you know there are things you would like to change about your leadership, workflow and leadership techniques.

But maybe an issue is not knowing how you’re doing as a leader. Is there a place to be able to assess your leadership, your style, your pace? Other than going to a conference (which is unlikely for a while), or heading back to school, is there a place online for clear assessment, growth and development?

Become a better leader? But how?

Between your final Zoom meetings this week as you are working from home, take time to invest in yourself. Kick the tires of your leadership capacity and blind spots before you take yourself back out on the track. If not, it could be that you are down the road 6 months in the same situations with no change.

Go to and sign up. While this resource is worth every penny, if you sign in now with affiliate link ‘raygriffinonline’ you receive a month free.*

This resource will help you assess, train, and learn core concepts of leading in the 21st century. There are so many modules in a wide array of leadership principles. You’ll find videos, and a toolbox of easy to apply leadership and growth insights and other goodies.

Still learning and growing

I have used these principles for years, and even last week, invested time in a “pathway” on delegation. The lack of delegation for me is something I know I need to leave behind when I go back to the office for work.

There are communication principles and strategies that I would love to share here, but trust me, as we go back in the pressure cooker of how to say what the new normal is, when and to whom will be critical. You can find insights like this at

You’re about to be back in the office. I am glad. But, are you ready?

OKC April 19, 25th Anniversary

Personal Growth

Healing after tragedy takes time. 25 years ago on April 19, a deplorable plan and act was executed in Oklahoma City. We continue to gain strength. I was honored to be a part of creating the following video in an effort to continue to bring healing to the city I call home.

My thanks to the men who served then and share now of that experience. They represent a host of heroes and families who still walk through.

I would also share thanks with videographer, Jesse Wallace, who took an idea and made it come to life.

Moving Out of Confinement

Personal Growth

Since mid-March, my family has experienced school and work from home with our city’s safer at home policies. When I was out for a walk in my neighborhood, there was a lone commercial jet flying overhead. While I was walking, my mind wandered to trips I’ve been on, near and far. I reminisced about those adventures, the beauty experienced and the fun and challenge of exploring distant places. Watching that jet zoom across the blue sky wondering where they were going, longing to be back out in the big wide world again with them, I was reminded of a truth.

Phasing out of home confinement coming soon?

Word is spreading that our sheltering at home is lifting soon or at least eased. Soon, we will move to another “new normal” of daily life and work. It is likely we are out and about again with some continued restrictions. I am grateful for that. In our collective home confinements I have grown ever fond of what we had:

Large gatherings like sports and concerts

Strolling with Jennifer in a packed mall or shops

Cruising a car show

Hitting the open road or skies to anywhere

Enjoying a park or amusement park with the family

Exploring a new place

Definitely church life!

But I actually long for more…

I watched the jet easily cruise at altitude across the blue sky pondering the destination of those aboard. Wishing I were traveling too, I also had the dull pang remembering that no place or experience in the end actually seems to fill the longing that tugs at my heart. Any experience, while definitely appreciated – especially now – still falls short of something.

Have you felt that way before?

Not too long ago my family and I traveled to a place I would say is stunningly beautiful. The refreshment exploring this paradise with my family was incredible. But, even that trip fell short as I shared here. Have you felt that before, that even in the best location or experience there is still a longing for more. Somehow it is good and appreciated, but not all right yet with a longing for things truly being as they should be.

  • As the engines begin to fire back up in our normal lives,
  • As the hustle and bustle takes back over for many and our schedules press for every moment,
  • As opportunity to do things that we enjoy like vacations and trips,
  • And as that sense of longing for more beyond all that grows…

This life’s quarantine is lifting some day

Are you ready for the ultimate release from this home/life’s restrictions? This life’s confinement is coming to a close someday. An early leader in the Christian faith, Paul, said it this way. Our lives in this body are much like living in a tent or shelter. He shared that we “groan” in this life with its burdens looking for more. He shared that when those who know Jesus personally leave this old broken body and world, our current home confinement, we are with the Lord where He is.

Jesus described this new place as Paradise. It is a New Heaven and New Earth. In the Old Testament, we see a shadow of what is to come as “The Promised Land,” a place of peace, rest and abundance. It is moving into, for those who know Jesus, the place He promised He was preparing, a new dwelling made just for them. It is a place that has no sin, death, sickness, and a place where all tears are wiped away.

If you want to experience that place, where we are really released from confinement, don’t wait to make Jesus Lord of your life today. Here’s the hard truth, Jesus is Lord whether you confess that or not. The issue is about you and your belief, will you accept Him as Lord of all, including your life? Don’t wait to simply follow Him – all the way out of this life to the next!

2 Peter 3:13

But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.